- Optimizing resources for a better future -

- Optimizing resources for a better future -

¿What is ALFILO?

ALFILO is a company specialized in offering professional sharpening services for a wide variety of articles and cutting tools, for homes, businesses and restaurants on a professional and industrial level.


  • Offer a personalized service with human quality, always based on mutual respect.

  • Offer a versatile, innovative and open service to the possibilities and the market.

  • Always have an exigent level of quality in the process and the end of each work done.

  • Open to all opportunities for improvement and in search of excellence.

  • Always looking neatly for total customer satisfaction.

  • Work focused in the care of the environment and his natural resources, since by natural law belong ¡to us all!


 Although it sounds paradoxical, a properly sharp tool is safer for someone who manipulates it than a bad one. ¿Why? This is because tools with a poor cutting edge, require extra force to compensate the lack of sharpness and force them to do their job. This will inevitably increase the chances that the tool will slip and cause damage to people; That's why a correctly sharpened tool will only need the precise pressure and effort to give you greater safety.


  • Do not waste valuable time on activities that do not add value to your products or services, go to what's really important to your business.

  • Working with properly sharp tools decreases the risk of accidents, increases productivity and increases the useful life of your tools.

  • Do not waste money on sharpeners that you will not use or for those who do not handle the correct technique well, in the end you will end up discouraged, perhaps with your tool worse than it was and with the sharpener that I bought on file.

  • Do not waste your free time, do not sacrifice your rest or time to share with your family, better allow someone skilled in the subject to do it for you at a reasonable cost.