We know that you are here looking for how to sharpen some tool which already doesn't cut well.

You could be looking for how to sharpen a knife in home, how to sharpen a serrated knife or how to sharpen scissors. Maybe you are looking for how to restore a broken tip knife, how to sharpen a blender blade or just because you want to know how to sharpen a grater, like the one that you use to shred the carrots and cheese... Ha! didn't you know that a grater could be sharpened? well, you don't imagine how much it could change your life in the kitchen forever, even more if you work in a restaurant.

Your knives have a hidden big potential! you don't believe us? look at the next photo and see for your self!


Although it may not seem like it, your hairdressing scissors, dressmaking, gardening or any other type, are one of the most complex things to sharpen, do not believe in the "homemade and magic tricks" that you see on the internet, allow someone with experience to do it for you.


Who said that in order to cut your food more easily you have to buy a Japanese knife? Or that the knives you have in your kitchen cannot cut the same as a professional one?


FALSE! completely false!!!

That there are many differences between a conventional knife and a professional one, yes! But that doesn't mean that yours are useless totally

18-Easy Tomato Slycer.jpg

Do not buy new tools ahead of time, allow us to sharpen the ones you already have for a fraction of what new ones cost, with that you will take care of the environment and your pocket. In addition to supporting the creation of new jobs.

Afilado de cuchillos



You are tired of your dull knives that never cut well, especially when you have a home visit or a barbecue to prepare for your family or friends.

You are an expert in what you do in your company or business, but the tools you have are making you waste time and money instead of helping you.

If that sounds familiar to you, let us help you out.

We will be happy to help you!

Home service - Conditions apply

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