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No bote sus tijeras y cuchillos viejos, yo se los afilo.

Don´t buy new scissors before time, your hairdressing scissors and garden scissors can be used at maximum, it only have to be sharpen correctly for not to wear away the blade more than necessary, this way you can contribute with the environment care and increase your utilities. 

Afilo sus cuhillos, tijeras y demas en Medellin

Knife was listed as the tool # 1 of the top 20 invented by mankind, according to Forbes magazine in 2006, but it never will give you all his potential if is not correctly sharp. 

Afilo sus cuhillas de licuadora y picadora en Medellin

¿Have you thought about how much money you wast in a year renewing items that can still be used? don´t buy new tools before time, we can sharp it for a fraction of what they cost new, the environment will thank you and can save some money.

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