- Optimizing resources for a better future -

- Optimizing resources for a better future -

Some of our services

In ALFILO, versatility is our hallmark, which is why our services are aimed not only for household items, but also for restaurants, businesses and a wide variety of tools, such as:

- Kitchen scratchers
- Pizza rolls
- Cable shears
- Drill bits *
- Smooth and serrated knives
- Short cuticle for manicure
- Wood gouges and forms
- Blender and chopper blades
- Blades for hair machine
- Forest and rescue tools
- Hairdressing, gardening and dressmaking scissors
- Marking tools in metal, wood and plastic *
- Leather dies, snacks and pastry dies
- Blades for industrial food processors
- Carpentry brush blades
- Daggers and pocket knives
- Moons and kitchen spatulas
- Thread restoration *
- Axes and machetes
- Special edges
- Among others.


Blade sharpening for ROBOT COUPE, SAMMIC, HOBART, NEMCO, KRONEN, URSHEL food processors, among others.