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Sharpening Service Medellin

Afilado de cuchillos

Our sharpening services are aimed at homes, restaurants and companies, but we have an special affection for homes and the knives that there are in their kitchens, those who have been underrated because they have a bent or broken tip, because they aren't of a well known brand or are stained, because they have a wooden handle and a piece is missing or just, because the handle is plastic and is burned or melted.


If it sounds familiar to you... you are in the right place!

  1. If you had a car in excellent conditions that only has the tires wear out, what would you do with it? would you change the tires or would you buy a new one?

  2. Have you think in how much time and money you waste a year by working with tools who doesn't cut well? 

  3. Do you know how many waste tons we generate yearly by don`t re-use those things that are useful yet? 

Let's use an analogy to explain it better: 


We can compare a tool who doesn't cut well with a car; if the only thing the car needs is some new tires, so isn't necessary to buy a new one, just with change the tires you will recover the security, the precision and you will decrease the waste. In the same way, your tools just need to be sharpened again for you could be more productive, isn't necessary to buy a new one.

Because of that in ALFILO we have to offer you sharpening service for: 

- Kitchen graters
- Pizza wheel cutter
- Cable shears
- Drill bits *
- Smooth and serrated knives
- Manicure and pedicure tools
- Wood gouges and forms
- Blender and chopper blades
- Hair clippers blades
- Forest and rescue tools
- Hairdressing, gardening and dressmaking scissors
- Marking tools in metal, wood and plastic *
- Leather dies, snacks and pastry dies
- Blades for industrial food processors
- Carpentry brush blades
- Daggers and pocket knives
- Moons and kitchen spatulas
- Thread restoration *
- Axes and machetes
- Special edges
- Among others.


Blade sharpening for food processors brand NEMCO, ROBOT COUPE, SAMMIC, HOBART, KRONEN, URSHEL, among others. Home service.

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